Headed in the wrong direction

Painters District Council 14

Fox Valley Labor News staff reports
Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017

CHICAGO — The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is subcontracting the mylar wrapping of buses, train cars and platform advertising to a non-signatory, New York-based Intersection Media, which specializes in digital, narrative, branded content and documentary projects.

Painters District Council 14

Organized labor held a labor rally Oct. 1 against the Chicago Transit Authority, which is subcontracting the mylar wrapping of buses, train and platform advertising to New York-based Intersection Media. Painters District Council 14 says mylar wrapping falls under its jurisdiction. Photo courtesy of Painters District Council 14

According to Painters District Council 14 (PDC 14), the CTA is claiming Intersection Media’s work is NOT construction work, and therefore, does not fall under the jurisdiction of PDC 14.

Painters District Council 14

Painters District Council 14 members rally Oct. 1 against the CTA in Chicago. Photo courtesy of Painters District Council 14

The union disagrees, saying the work in question falls under PDC 14’s jurisdiction — and has for more than 11 years. The union said mylar wrapping is merely a different form of paint or protective coating.

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Since early September, PDC 14 has been protesting Intersection Media, but the union ramped up its efforts Oct. 1 with a large labor rally, which coincided with the CTA’s 70th Anniversary celebration at Daley Plaza.

PDC 14 has a Project Labor Agreement with the CTA, which the CTA is refusing to honor with the union.

Voice your displeasure with the CTA by contacting them:
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