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  1. In Support of Show You Care Kane

    On March 18 Kane County voters will have the opportunity to support 40,000 of our neighbors who have developmental disabilities by voting yes on the Show You Care Kane 377 Referendum.
    Ranked 46 Illinois has a funding system in crisis for residents with special needs. The Illinois Department of Human Services 2014 data indicates there are 1,500 Kane County residents waiting ten years to access services. An additional 1,300 have been identified needing services but are unable to obtain a spot on the on the Prioritization for Urgency of Need for Services list (PUNS). Names are selected by a random drawing, with approximately 12 residents chosen annually. The average wait for assistance is 10 years, but the interval may actually be 75 years to receive job training, transportation or housing. This spring 16,000 children with special needs will graduate from our schools; one-half will need services upon graduation. Parents have few options to offer their children. The cost of providing day or residential support can average $24,000 to $50.000 annually. Many families have little choice but to keep their child at home – destined for a lifetime on the couch.
    The Show You Care Kane Referendum asks voters to support a levy of $1.00 per week for an assessed property value of $182.000. Sixteen nonprofit agencies will receive funding through competitive and monitored grants awarded by an appointed 3 to 5 person board. This levy will provide critical services but also has the potential to establish 400 jobs with an income averaging $32,000.
    Some of Kane County provides limited funding for developmental disabilities through local 708 Boards. 708 Boards are not mandated to fund persons with developmental disabilities, many of these Boards have chosen to do so and have designated 15.6% in support of this critical issue, the remaining 84.4% of funding is devoted to mental health services. In St. Charles, where I reside, there are 147 developmentally disabled residents waiting on the PUNS list, over the past 10 years only ten have received funding to move into supportive housing. Passed the Show You Care Kane Board will draft a simple intergovernmental agreement will allow the existing 708 boards to designate funding to mental and drug prevention health services, insuring no duplication of services.
    We have a choice to help improve the life of an adult so that they too can become a productive tax-paying citizen. Please join me in voting yes for Show You Care Kane.
    Corinne M. Pierog
    St. Charles, IL

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