30,000 hours worked with no lost time

Continental Electrical Construction Company

Continental Electrical Construction Company and members of IBEW Local 461 completed two projects at the Yorkville Wrigley plant. It took more than 14 months and 30,000 hours to complete — all without a lost time incident. Photo courtesy of IBEW Local 461

Jennifer Rice Managing Editor

By Jennifer Rice
Managing Editor
Thursday, May 26, 2016
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YORKVILLE — When Continental Electrical Construction Company (CECCo) Director of Field Operations found out members of IBEW’s Local 461 would be working with them on two project at the Wrigley Manufacturing Company in Yorkville, Brian Swiatek was a little apprehensive — 85 percent of his workforce had never worked with CECCo prior to starting the job.

“We didn’t have a presence with Local 461,” Swiatek said. “Because of this, you wonder, ‘how are things going to work?’”

Fourteen months later, now that the $8 million projects are completed, Swiatek couldn’t be happier.

On the electrical end, Local 461’s workforce reached 30,000 hours without a lost time incident. The projects also were completed on time and on budget.

“This project could not have been completed without the 30 plus Local 461 Journeymen and Apprentices who dedicated their skill and excellence to ensure the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers stood tall at the end,” Swiatek wrote in a letter of appreciation to Local 461’s President Joel Pyle.



For the electrical company, having members work 30,000 hours without an incident was amazing.

“Not having a first aid incident or have to go the hospital or clinic is a mess of an undertaking. It all went off without a hitch and that’s what we’re most proud of,” he explained.

With any project taking more than 5,000 hours, CECCo dedicates a site specific safety supervisor. That individual interacts with a safety supervisor and creates on-site safety audits and conducts bi-weekly safety meetings.

“Sometimes, it’s a hard sell for workers to understand safety comes first, but from the inception of the project, Local 461 members came to the job ready to work safely,” Swiatek said.

“Before they even pick up a tool, they figured out the best and safest way to do their work for the day.”

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